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"Your life is an occasion. Rise to it." - Misty Copeland



Embarking on a creative venture? Whether it's a tantalizing teaser, a captivating recital, a dance video that speaks volumes, or any other bespoke production, let's collaborate to bring your vision to life! At JAM, we're dedicated to delivering nothing short of excellence, ensuring your viewers experience the finest quality content. From concise 30-second snippets to immersive 2-hour productions, JAM is here to elevate your project. Don't hesitate—book us now and let's craft something extraordinary together!

*Please allow at least 2 weeks of editing video projects

Allow a month for a recital or a dance video

If needed sooner please communicate that.*


In every frame, I strive to encapsulate the essence of the moment – the laughter, the love, and the unique beauty that surrounds us. From candid shots that narrate unscripted tales to carefully curated compositions that embody elegance, my photography is a journey into the heart of your story.

*Depending on how many poses and outfit changes we choose from,

please allow at least 1-2 week(s) of editing photography projects

If needed sooner please communicate that.*


Virtual Projects

In the era shaped by the pandemic, virtual projects have become the unrivaled specialty at JAM. The realm of virtual creativity is our playground, and we thrive on it. Whether it's orchestrating virtual plays, dynamic foundation productions, exquisite virtual galas, or the meticulous art of social media management, JAM stands ready to weave its magic into your virtual experience. Your vision, our expertise – let's redefine virtual excellence together!


Graphic Designs

Transform your event with a standout flyer crafted by JAM! Whether you seek a comprehensive package with photos and creation of logos or just the artful design of the flyer itself, JAM is poised to weave her magic. Elevate your event's identity – let JAM bring your vision to life! 

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